all the sudden my hands got really tingly and it really hurts omg.

i really want currentpotpies paintings in my game like omg.

im showing my little sister the original winx club cartoon. <3

oh my gosh what happened? i’ve been a little out of the loop. if you don’t want to go into it then ignore this, just glad a clearly awful person has been brought to justice.

omg it so ok i didnt want to post a lot about it becox people get really up and arms about posting this stuff but. basically last saturday this guy at walmart tried to abduct my little sister (shes 8 btw) in the toy section around 12 at night. and she got away and then my mom and her bf went to the bar and he showed up and he got arrested. thats my story. on the plus side she wasnt tore up about it and it didnt effect her at all. the only worry she showed was if someone would post bail on him. she did say she found her new career, a detective. 

so the guy that tried it on my little sister just got arrested! this is great everybody clap with me.

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heres a challenge make an attractive sim only using the face presets.


Hows that LMAO I think she’s pretty <3 I’m not keeping her though sadly I’m in the wrong world to do proper photos for her obviously.

im actually really impressed. i can never get presets to work in my favor lol.



Me and my girls~

My baby Amber

i need good skinny jean cc because i can seem to find any i like tbh.

heres a challenge make an attractive sim only using the face presets.